Seaech engine submission

Search Engine is the tool that are help to us for searching any thing online.In Search Engine Submission we submit own site on to the Search engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Through this activity our site shown in all the Search engine if  any body search on different-2 search engine because every body not use Google all the time to search so we submit our site in all the Search Engine.Search Engine submission is the process of  notifying search engines of the existence of  website content so that they include the site in their indices and search results.Search engine submission is only necessary if  the site has not been found by the major search engines. Most major search sites frequently revisit already indexed sites to ensure that their search results reflect current content.

Top ranking Search Engine Sites:-

3.Open Directory

Search Engine Optimization


Defination of SEO
SEO stands for search engine optimization. Seo work for three things Traffic, Rank and Revenue.Traffic generate from socialmedia like facebook, twitter, linkedin digdilicious etc. Rank is the ‘page rank’ of the site. We target the ‘keyword’ of thatpage.Revenue is consider the ‘bounce rate’ of the site   In this we perform some activities. SEO consider the websiteoptimization. And website optimization perform in two ways.
1. Off page submission.
2. On page submission.Off page submission:- In of page submission we perform the linking of own site to other sites. It is daily routine work.Linking perform in three ways.
1. One way linking.
2. Two way linking.
3. three way linking.One way linking:-In this submite own site to other site and they give the backlink to own site. Many activities perform inthis given below.
1. Seach engine submission.
2. Directory submission.
3. Bookmarking submission.
4. Artical submission.
5. Blog submission etc

Two way linking:-In two way linking perform reciprocal linking that means own site link on other site and other site link on

own site That is the part of link bulding.

Three way linking:- A three-way link exchange refers to a kind of reciprocal link exchange among three domains instead of

two. In other words, 3-way link exchange is an attempt to disguise reciprocal link exchange. In other words, 3-way link

exchange is an attempt to disguise reciprocal link exchange.

For example, site A links to site B, but not B to A. So, site B is only receiving a one-way link from site A and NOT

linking back to it. Likewise, site C and site A are linked from one site but not linking back. Instead, site C and A are

simply reciprocal-linking to different domains.

On page submission:-In this optimize the website. The seo executive check the website home display properly on different

browsers like Google Crome, Mozilla, Safari that means every thing is proper in all the browsers image should not be cut and

text should not be hide. It consider the same view of website on different bowsers this activities perfprom only one time in

a month. Many activities are perform given below:-

1. Keyword Research.
2. Keyword density analysis and placement.
3. competitors website analysis.
4. Meta tage and title development.
5. description optimization etc.

Defination  of Off page submission

Off page submission are related to the process of diverting traffic back to your website through strategic methods which take place outside of your website. The key to Off-Page Submission is to obtain high quality, relevant back-links via anchor text to your website. What you do on-page should always be complimented by a solid off-page strategy. There are a number of ways to obtain quality back-links to your site through link building campaigns, all of which form the basis of a positive linking strategy, these include:

off page

  1. One Way Link Building
  2. Link Exchange
  3. Article Submission
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Search Engine & Directory Submission
  6. Blog Directory Submission
  7. Participating in Community Sites (e.g. Yahoo Answers).
  8. Press Release Submission
  9. Promotional Ads
  10. Social Networking and Bookmarking
  11. Ping Submission.
  12. RSS Submission
  13. Local Listing and Review submission
  14. Angeela Paul Back Link Creation
  15. Create a Favicon
  16. ORM (Online Repudation Management )
  17. Video Submission
  18. Image Submission
  19. Url Renaming and Rewriting
  20. Link megent services

Off-Page Submission is vital to your overall SEO strategy. Off-Page Optimisation dramatically increases the popularity of your site which has a positive effect on your search engine positioning.

Defination of  On Page Submission:-
In On Page Submission we check the home page off the site display properly on all the browsers like Mozilla, Opera Mini, Google Crome. This activity done in a month only. It is a submission of a website’s content, text, tags, links and other elements.It means optimizing the page content using meta keywords, anchor text, keyword optimization .
On Page Submission activities:-1)
Write unique keyword Title Tag
2) Meta Description
3) Meta Keywords
4) Easy URL Structure for with keyword
5) Search Engine Friendly Website Design
6) Bredcrumb Navigation
7) Keyword Research
8 ) H1 Tags ( include your main keywords)
9) Effective use of robots.txt file
10) XML & HTML Sitemap
11) Alt Tags for images
12) Internal Linking of web pages
13) Choose best file names with your keywords
14) Use of No-follow links
15) Keep your code as simple as you can
16) Keyword Density
17) Remove Canonical Problem ( if it is exists)
18) Google Video Sitemap creation
Define Directory Submission

Directory Submission is the activity of the Off Page Optimization. Directory submission performs for collecting the backing of own site through which own site PR (page rank) is increase in Google searches. It is very basic activity of the Off Page Optimization. Directory Submission perform for increase Ranking. In Directory Submission we submit own site to another site. We Submit own site according to the category wise. We chose the category according the theme of the site. For example:-Education related sites are submitted in to the education category. If your category and the description is right then other site give the approval mail to your email id. And attach your site link to own site. It is also called the one way linking.
directory submission
Requirement of the Directory Submission: –
1. Title.2. site’sUrl3. Description4. Email id

5. keyword

6. Name
7. Password


Definetion of Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking Submission:- The Bookmarking Submission is another best & efficient Off Page Activity to collect the backlinks for own site. In this we can target more than one keywords of targeted page. We can submit all the page of own site on other site. Through this activity we can get only one back link to our site but we can cache all the URL of our site. It works for both Traffic and Ranking of the site. Bookmarking play a very important role to increase the PR(Page Rank) of the site. The concept of shared online bookmarks dates back to April 1996 with the launch of it List.
Steps to complete the Bookmarking Submission:-
(i)                  Sign up/create a account in to the site in which you want to submit your site.
(ii)                Confirm the mail into the Gmail id.
(iii)                Sign In.
(iv)              Click on the submit story button.
(v)                Submit the URL.
(vi)              Full Fill the Form then submit.
Requirement of the Bookmarking Submission:-
(i)                  User should have one Gmail id.
(ii)                User should have the keywords.
(iii)               User should have the Description.
(iv)              User should have the meta keywords and Description too.
   Defination of Classified

In the world wide web promotion there is a service which is providing you the solutions to publish your item or solutions on the internet promotion about telling to the visitor or for sale. Like purchase and offer computer, job publishing, your company or your own solutions on the internet promotion Etc.

There are two kinds of on the internet ads.

Paid and Totally free.

But classified Ads is no cost to provide you for publish your solutions on their web page.  Like purchase and offer, personal ads just friends, housingrent. Car for offer or buy a car, Etc. Classified site give two kinds of signing up free like go to and select the category and publish your ads and second is signing up and then publish your ads.

S7ads have many groups in which you can publish your ads. The publish of Time period for each ad is 90 days. After that a link will send you on your email to active the ad again. S7ads provide you with the best way to publish your ads on their web page.  And you will see many traffic will see your ads on classified ads.

It is a best web page in the world wide web promotion which ads provide you with. Basically in the world wide web promotion many people finder with ads, on the internet ads,  free classified ads Etc. S7ads is one of them. Which offer you to publish your solutions or item on their web page.

Search on the ads web page and write about them what solutions they are providing to the world wide web promotion. And also finding the more unique articles for writing and tell about the world wide web world to read and get some information about it.


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